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As an identified Minority and Women Business Enterprise, Translation Solutions Corporation is effective at being resourceful to overcome obstacles and challenges developing quality control procedures built into the project management activities of each language service and then integrated further into each service to ensure inspection of services, evaluation of performance and monitoring of all linguists and professionals’ efficiency.


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What sets us apart?

Translation Solutions Corporation personnel is eager and experienced of supporting and stuffing any routine or expedited translation request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (inclusive of weekdays and holidays) regardless of the communication request.



Provide in over 150 different languages and dialects and for many industry fields.

American Sign Language (ASL)

It is a natural and visual language expressed by movements of the hands and face to communicate efficiently to the deaf and the hard-of-hearing community, used in various sitting from educational to live events.​

CART Services (Captioning)

Communication Access Realtime Translation can assist when Speech-to-text is needed. This is a transcription service for anyone who needs communication access, for any audience, proceedings records, and live events captioning and more, these services can be provided onsite or remotely via Internet direct into a computer or ipad.​

Vetting Translation Services

Provide quality assurance for translation services provided by third parties, for which client needs to monitor the quality of the translation, utilizing Translation Solutions Corporation existing and extensive network of certified and qualified translators and proofreaders to review previously translated translations that are completed by another language agency or translator not employed by Translation Solutions Corporation.​

Desktop Publishing

Generation of layouts and produce typographic-quality text and images, designing, editing, and producing camera-ready materials for all translated documents​

Graphic Design Services

This process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration to create materials in various languages.​


Preparation of the format (input and output,) for writing and reading purposes, normally performed from English into other languages yet emulating at the same time the original version as close as possible.​


Service that can be supplied in 150 different languages either for consecutive and simultaneous settings, as well as remotely and onsite.​

Over the phone interpretation services

In over 150 languages. This service is supplied for scheduled and advanced requests.​

Simultaneous Interpretation

(including equipment). For scheduled in advance events that need simultaneous interpretation, normally live events such as conference, training etc.. Simultaneous interpreters work with teams of two linguists and assist by supporting equipment (Booths, microphones, receivers, receptors etc.) to facilitate the interpretation from a speaker to audience in real time.​


This mechanism from audio to text, is the process of listening audio recordings and returning a generated transcript. This service can be provided in any language and translated in English we needed​

508 compliant

This service offers an accessibility strategy to individuals with disabilities for all electronic and technology information developed, procured, maintained, or used, normally on websites, by either the federal government as well as other private companies, associations, and institutions.​


This process brings a form of written language for blind individuals, in which characters are represented by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the fingertips. Translation solutions corporation produce Braille in a special paper.​

Your dreams, our dreams.

This approach has proven to be effective for the last 2 decades Translation Solutions Corporation has successfully been in business working with over 50 different Government agencies and over 200 private companies globally.

This breadth of experience has allowed Translation Solutions Corporation to become an expert in the industry and build a team of professional personnel that provides quality services along with the ability to tackle the biggest communication obstacles..


Translation solutions Corporation additionally can provide the following services: large print, web localization services, text adaptation, multi-language videos, large print, voiceover, transliteration and dubbing.